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This week in the Plant & Pest Advisory: 8-14-2012

Plant & Pest Advisory - Fruit Edition (printable pdf):
  • Apple Maturity - Fruit Maturing Early
Win Cowgill, Suzanne Sollner-Figler, & Ben Cowgill
  • Fruit IPM Report
Dean Polk, David Schmitt, Eugene Rizio, & Atanas Atanassov
  • Constriction Canker Management on Peach: Cultural Control
Norman Lalancette
  • Black Light Traps for Monitoring BMSB
Anne Nielson
  • Gloucester County 4-H Fair Results
Jerry Frecon
Constriction cankers on ‘Jerseyglo’ peach.
Young cankers (top and bottom) and older canker (middle) are centered
about the leaf node. Note slight constriction of twig diameter on bottom canker.

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