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As I See it: Powdery Mildew, New Apples-Fireblight and Thinning, Tree Training

Win Cowgill - Professor and Area Fruit Agent
This weekend brought high temperatures and peaches are starting to grow and size in response to the warm weather. Peaches like warm!

Disease Observations for the 2012 Season

-Norman Lalancette, Tree Fruit Pathologist
All plant pathology field studies at the Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Upper Deerfield have control treatment trees as part of their experimental design. These control trees, like all other treatment trees in each cultivar block, receive the necessary insecticide applications to combat insect pests. However, unlike the various treatment trees, the controls do not receive any fungicide or bactericide applications. Thus, disease levels on control trees are excellent indicators of the disease pressure in any given season.
Sporulating blossom blight canker in peach

Some observations for this season so far: