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Fruit IPM Update - May 1, 2012

Dean Polk, Fruit IPM Agent and
David Schmitt, Eugene Rizio and Atanas Atanassov,
Program Associates, Tree Fruit IPM
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  • Apple
  • Blueberry
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High Tunnel Raspberry & Blackberry Production Guide

From Cathy Heidenreich, Cornell University
The 2012 edition of this guide includes a new section on multiple-bay tunnel production, additional crop budgets, and new information on varieties, pests, and diseases.

Note: For additional New Jersey high tunnel information see,  High Tunnels

Mark Chien's Wine Grape Information for the Region

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  • Comments from the field
  • How to treat a frosted shoot
  • New Grape Grower Workshop
  • PA Grape and Wine Research Meeting: May 23 State College, PA
  • Developing a Vineyard Labor Force
  • Webinars: Intrarow Cover Crops & Other Practices to Alter Vine Growth and Canopy Architecture; Vineyard Floor Management: May 10, 3-4:30pm.
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As I See It: Cold Injury, Fireblight and Apple Thinning

by Win Cowgill, Professor and Area Fruit Agent

This has been a tough spring to figure out what to do next. You can see by the title of this article there are a number of issues to deal with for the next few days. My trees have virtually stood still for the past five days. I had first bloom on apple at Rutgers Snyder Farm on April 11. It's been a long draw out bloom and of most concern is that every tree I have still has open bloom and some pink clusters, mostly on one year wood, but they are there none the less.