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Highlights from IFTA

This week our friend Jon Clements, Extension Educator UMass-Amherst, reports on the 56th Annual IFTA Conference held February 23 - March 2 in Boston. His insights on the workshops and tours make for a good read.
Win Cowgil @ IFTA

Jon writes...
First, on Saturday, February 23 were two Pre-Conference Intensive Workshops. Altogether, there were about 200 attendees split between "Strategies for Improving Production Practices" and "Managing Pick Your Own Tree Fruit Operations." the "Strategies" session Equilifruit disks were passed out and explained how to use by James Schupp of Penn State, and I won't forget Tom Chudleigh's comment in the "Managing" Workshop: "It's easier to increase revenue $10,000 than decrease expenses $1,000!"