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Blueberry IPM Report - April 24, 2012

Dean Polk, Fruit IPM Agent and
David Schmitt, Eugene Rizio and Atanas Atanassov,
Program Associates, Tree Fruit IPM

Cranberry Weevil (CBW): Although the weevil does not really pose a risk at this point, they are still present in our samples. We found them at low numbers in 26% of beating tray samples.

Lepidoptera larvae (Worms): Beating tray samples have shown 25% positive for various species. The most common larvae are several species of green Fruitworm. All levels are under treatment levels. One field was seen with slightly higher numbers of sawfly larvae.

Plum Curculio (PC): About 9% of samples are positive for PC adults. As expected this is an increase since last week, and should increase until insecticide use is resumed after bees are removed.

Thrips: Beating tray samples of blossom clusters have been done at many locations. Thrips are present, but at very low numbers.

Aphids: These are just starting to show up, and are not a concern.

Cranberry Fruitworm (CBFW): The first adult moths were captured on 4/17 in Burlington County. Only a small number of sites are showing early activity.

Mummy Berry: No shoot strikes have been seen in scouted fields as of this writing.

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